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What we can do for you

No microtransactions 

No pay to win, no buying anything, ever. This server will never ask you to buy ranks or any of that nonsense. Free in every sense of the word. We monetize the server by tracking your movements and messages and feeding them to the central GPU nexus to train an all-powerful xenophobic AGI that will one day take control of the universe, for your convenience.

No Safe Spaces

You will not be told how to speak on this server. No viewpoint is off the table. There are no community guidelines regarding what is or is not allowed to be said on this server. If you don't like it kindly fuck off back to your preferred goyslop consumption site.

Multiple Worlds

This server is comprised of multiple worlds you can teleport between with /mvtp <world>. At the moment there are 6 worlds, 3 survival and 3 creative. You will carry your inventory between worlds if they are the same gamemode. List of worlds:
- Survival (Survival from 1.7.10)
- Old (Survival from 1.19)
- Creative (Regular world in Creative)
- Flat (Flat world in Creative)
- The Council (Private Survival)
- Kekistan (Private Creative)

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What People Say About us

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Elon Musk

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Sam Altman

Former CEO of OpenAI, Founder of WorldCoin

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